Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daily Pain Stops with Nicosan

I must say that I haven't had Nicosan in about three weeks and have noticed the difference. I didn't realize how much even the simplest pain was a part of my everyday life until Nicosan. I really hope they dont stop making this drug in my lifetime. It has really helped. ~JM

SCW: I was surprised at the effect myself. I stop taking it once in a while, just for about a week or so, to see if I still have pain (or if my some miracle, I'm cured!;). Sure enough, the pain comes back usually by the 5th day. Now I take it generally every day or every other day. I love not having daily pain!

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LaMonte Forthun said...

I need JM to contact me as soon as possible to get a letter from them so we can add it to the proposal going into the banks, they need to hear stories like this which are why we have to move quickly to get production started again!