Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sickle Cell & Cold

Today I was asked a question by a friend, "Which do you like better, hot or cold?" My answer was a vehement HOT! Not just because it's so miserable being cold but mainly because when I'm cold for a period of time (like more than 20 minutes), I put myself at a higher risk of getting pain.

This is unfortunately why I don't do anything that drops my core body temperature. Stuff like dancing in the rain, kissing in the rain or even getting in the ocean will make my joints hurt like crazy shortly therafter. Sometimes, it doesn't even take 20 minutes, I can feel the cold start seeping in from a walk through the chilly snow to my house and I know I'm going to hurt!

So I invest in lots of thermals, thick socks, gloves, scarves, coats and layered outfits. I rarely go out in the winter with just a sweater and jacket, I have to have some leggings and tights on as well, and if I have any even leg warmers. For some reason my top half feels fine, it's the extremities that do me in.

Dress warmly peoples---it's hella cold out there.


kem said...

did u tell ur friends u had sickle cell or tell the whole school knew cause i have it and ppl hate me cause im so so skinny and that's not in right now and they think im a freak too with the yellow eyes i don't want to end up all alone in school even ny best friend is kinda embarrased about me and she is the only one who knows. also i love hot weather

Just Me said...

I found your blog and have been trying for an hour to figure out how to respond.

This response is to give you a little more information on Nicosan which if taken regularly, is supposed to vastly reduce the number and severity of SCD crises.

I have been aware of Nicosan for over a year and half and have researched it to some extent in the past several months. From everything I can find, it does seem to work as is claimed.

Another person here in the USA is ordering Nicosan from a web site and has been using it for a few months. There are about 70,000 SCD sufferers here in the US,as compared to 4 million in Nigeria.

I have a contact in Abuja Nigeria who has visited the Xechem offices a few times (trying to get information for me) who could probably get Nicosan and ship it to you also. Some lady purchased about 100 bottles of Nicosan one day while he was there, probably to resell at a big markup, possibly on the web site mentioned previously.

I also know a nurse who lives in Chicago who has been researching Nicosan quite a bit, if you would like to contact her.

Anyway, if you would like to get in contact with any of these folks, or ask any questions, let me know.