Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I was looking at some pictures I took last week and man, I look so jaundiced. Ick! For those of you that don't know, jaundice is a condition caused from the increased production of bile pigments in the blood. It usually affects people with all kinds of liver diseases but it affects Sickle Cell Warriors as well.

To most of us, the gall bladder is one of those inconsequential organs that one knows very little about. One of the primary functions is to store bilirubin, a by product waste that the liver creates when hemoglobin is broken down. Hemoglobin is the primary component of red blood cells (RBCs). The average red blood cell lives 120 days. The average sickle cell lives 10 days --wimps!. So when these cells die, they are broken down in the spleen and then shipped to the detoxifying unit, aka the Liver. The liver processes wastes of RBCs as bilirubin, and there is so much of it that the body can't get rid of it all. So it just sits in your bloodstream, turning your skin and eyes yellow. Not a fresh look.

I've been jaundiced all my life but sometimes it's worse than others. I can usually tell how anemic I am from how jaundiced my eyes look. And honey, they look like a cat's eyes right now.


Shug said...

"The average red blood cell lives 120 days. The average sickle cell lives 10 days --wimps!."

I heard cayenne was good for the blood. Do you know of any holistic herbs that might prolong the life cycle of red blood cells

My daughter has sickle cell disease, and I'm always looking for non pharma
alternatives for her

catwalq said...

I feel quite stupid leaving a comment when I have no suggestions for what is going on.
But are you trying altrenatve medicines?
The traditonal medicines might help.

Vixen said...

Shug, I'm on that cayenne tip man,...I take it like it's the elixir of life, lol.

Catwalq, it's all good. Welcome to the Board.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

hang in there sweets. You got my number if ya need to talk!

Ange said...

Is it weird commenting more than a year later? I just found your blog - i'm so inspired - might even start my own blog :p anyway my eyes are always jaundiced, my doc says it's coz i heamolyze alot. any secrets on what i should do/take? i'm tired of being asked about my yellow eyes

Anonymous said...

cayenne pepper? what do u mix it with? does it work?

EMR said...

Commenting when I see the article.jaundice is initially hard to identify.For me it took about 4 days to good that there are discussions which would make everyone aware of the early symptoms.