Monday, July 16, 2007

Long Day

Man...I'm feeling so tired right now. I woke up at 6AM to head downtown Oakland for a computer class for my new job. I fought through traffic, burned gas, only to find out that the class was cancelled and noone freakin called me! Grrrrr!

It did give me more time to run some Birthday plan errands and I got home around 9AM to find Norio already up. He suggested I take a nap, but I insisted that we needed to run all the errands needed before he left this weekend to the East Coast.

Mr. Wonderful & I spent the whole day running errands in 80 degree weather. I tried to stay hydrated, but I was still unfortunately unable to keep it together. As soon as we got home, I collapsed on the couch and Norio brought me a tall glass of water and told me to take something for the pain. I refused though...gotta watch out for my kidneys;)

Anyway, a short nap later and I was as right as rain. I woke up 3 hours later ready to eat the whole house. So I guess I'm just blogging this to blog.



Anonymous said...

I just found this new blog of yours and I love, love, love it. Love what you have to say and what you're trying to do. Keep it up.

Love and miss you
Big Sis

Adventures In Waitressing said...

HUGS! Just stopping in to say. "Miss You!"

Poetic Justice said...

hey big sis! what's up Miss you much much much more than vixen. and vixen nice blog. Keep it up maybe all those cobwebs will get taken down.... venting is good. and yes we know you are not a drug addict but can you at least sell some of those drugs? make a buck! Just kidding oh! Before "olopa" come arrest me!

Real Life Drama Queen said...

Come to my site woman. I have a gift for you. HUGS!!

soccer mom in denial said...

Hey, found you because of Drama Queen's gift. And I already like you.

Comin' back, darling.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Waving at SMID! Hey lady!!

Vixen said...

Hey Big Sis! Long time...are you coming down this month? Please say yes, please say yes!

The Waitress, hey sweets. Thanks for the great award:) I see you sent me some fab new readers.

PJ, Special announcement y'all...this is the Diva. As for selling my narcs...heh, they are all mine. MINE I TELL YOU...!

SMID, Welcome! Isn't Drama Queen the greatest?