Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm a Top 100 Health Blogger

Hi Vixen,

CONGRATULATIONS on your success in the People's Health Blogger Awards Competition. Your readers have spoken, and you’ve been chosen as one of the People’s Best 100 Health Bloggers!

The competition was a huge success, with hundreds of the best health bloggers competing and thousands of votes cast. The competition during the last few weeks was intense, but in the end, your blog was ranked as one of the Best 100. These awards are a recognition by your readers for the contribution you are making through your blog, so you should feel very proud of your achievement! As one of the People’s Best 100 Health Bloggers, your profile now appears on the People’s Health Blogger award page.

I even got a badge too!

People's HealthBlogger Awards

People's HealthBlogger Awards - Best 100 Winner!



Sade said...

Congrats on that. Can't beleive am first here and its my first time here too!

Melly08 said...

A friend of mine just started on Nicosan 12/12/08, due to lapse in medical coverage and not having monthly blood exchanges, he has been having severe pain every week, resulting in 2-3 ER visits/month since 9/08. Since taking it, the severity and frequency has been reduced, but not as much as we had hoped, and the other day had unexpected major crisis that landed him in ER for 3 days!! 1st time in 2 months. It has worked some,but this was disheartening to both of us, and I know most people are new to Nicosan, but if anyone could post about their experiences, is it working, a lot, a little, not at all? Just so we have something to compare it to? Thanks and I wish all of you "takers" well!!

February 12, 2009 7:22 AM