Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stand Up!

Awwww, I got an email from another reader who just ordered his Nicosan 2 weeks ago. I must say, I have the most supportive and wonderful readers on this blog.
I received my order today. Thanks for putting your neck out there for us.
God bless.

So...have you got your Nicosan yet? November marks my 6 month of being pain free and crises free. Please, join the bandwagon and get your Nicosan blessing---you won't regret it. Email me with questions, comments and especially if you've gotten your shipment and how Nicosan has changed your life.


chidisli87 said...

how r u im kind of knew to your blog i have sickle cell also
i wanted to know if your eyes have always been yellow and if they are always yellow and also if they have stopped being yellow or reduced in intensity since you started taking nicosan

Anonymous said...

Don't bother about the colour of the eyes yet . You should be more concerned about overcoming the pain and suffering by taking the Nicosan medication . The colour of your eyes will become normal eventually .