Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Changes Regarding Skittles

Wow, you guys are truly the best! I've gotten so many emails in the 24 hours since it's been up...and so much overwhelming support. Thanks to those that have already placed an order; that totally surprised me. So whoever wants to jump on the bandwagon before Saturday, you can still join in.

I'm going to change the wording on the site just a tad, because of a warning that I got from one of my readers.
We all noticed that you’ve taken a step to help bring Nicosan in the US for others, but we want to you be careful, since it’s a non-registered drug with the FDA, it’s entirely possible that you could get yourself into trouble. As much as we all want to see you (or anyone) selling thousands of bottles, we don’t want you get into hot water for doing it. I think if you gathered individuals together to make a bulk purchase (like you essentially are), you might be fine, but the minute you put a PayPal link for a purchase on your website you’re getting into a gray area that probably will get you a phone call or letter from the FDA. They may never find you, but you’re better off being safe than sorry.
My father-in-law had a huge run-in with the FDA a few decades ago, and the horror stories do give me shivers! So I'm going to avoid that as much as possible. I will be changing the labels from Buy Nicosan to Donate Nicosan, it's essentially the same thing for you guys, but will just mean some maneuverability for me. In addition, I might just take the paypal thing off altogether and create a system using emails that give you the same's just not going to be as convenient.

I don't want to put this blog at any risk, because I adore what I do...and Nicosan will always be secondary to my passion for telling people about living a wonderful life as a Sickle Cell Warrior. So if changes must be made in the format of the Nicosan orders; then I have to do that.

If you have any suggestions to get around this problem, that would be great. Please email me!

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