Friday, February 1, 2008

Holiday Weekend

"Hey, lets go skiing this weekend," my hubby said this morning. I stared at him. "Baby...what is my name? Do you know me?" I asked staring at him drolly.

"Oh yeah," he continued with a laugh. "Skiing probably isn't good for you because of the cold and the high altitude..."

"Precisely. Let's go somewhere hot instead. Like an island in the Caribbean."

Now that is the perfect sickle cell warrior's vacation. Except I have to worry about flying there and back. Dayum!


Adventures In Waitressing said...

you could come to Florida LOL

Tamika M. said...

Ah, the Caribbean. Hubby and I have gone a few times and loved it. He's ready to open a fruit stand in the Bahamas and leave the states for some permanent R&R. And I can SO see my husband giving me the screwface for suggesting the mountains, too, lol.

Anyway, as you mentioned, the flight is the only downer for us (and probably worse for you, seeing as you're out west). We're debating on driving to Miami this year instead, enjoying a road trip and seeing the sights along the way to avoid as much flying as possible.

I know you know that dealing with SC requires a lot of creativity and flexibility. I'm sure you guys will figure something out something wonderful. Have fun!