Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm here, present and accounted for. Norio and I were both laid out in pain yesterday, he threw his back out playing tennis, and I was hurting L2s per usual. I wanted to get him some Motrin but I could barely move. Good thing I keep a stash of painkillers on the bookshelf by the couch.

Sigh! Another day.


Real Life Drama Queen said...

Hang in there sweets. You know I am rooting for you. So are many, many others who love ya.

skinny_minny said...

I love your declaration and can honestly say it's been my motto also all my life - Sickle Cell can kiss my ass!!! Your blog is very insightful and sheds a much need alternate perspective on life with sickle cell anemia. I'm just curious how exactly doesn't your pain scale work, and what level pain is a L2s. I've only ever heard of the common and totally useless 1 - 10 pain scale.

Vixen said...

Hey Minny,

Welcome to the board. The pain scale is just something I devised...I like to create my own things, lol. I think I explained it all over here

Cheers and good luck warrior princess, kicking sickle cell in the ass!