Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Staying Warm in Cold Weather with Sickle Cell

Here's a tip to keep warm this winter. Try light fabrics that are layered multiple times. Silk long johns/undershirts are good for keeping body heat close in your body. 100% cashmere is expensive, but lightweight and warm enough to layer with another sweater on top for those extra chilly climes. I usually wear my silk tight pants and under shirt, a regular shirt on top, a cashmere sweater and another bigger, bulky sweater to keep toasty up top.

Cover your head, since 75% of body heat is lost through the head.

Tuck your silk long johns into your socks. Wear leg warmers if you are going to be standing outside for a long time on top or under your jeans.

Wrap a winter scarf around your neck and snuggle into your big winter coat. Try coats that are lined, or filled with some goose down, wind resistant, as well as long enough to cover most of your body.

Does anyone else have tips?

Hopefully this will protect you from the harshest of the elements. Stay warm everyone!

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Becky said...

Thanks so much for these suggestions. I am struggling to keep my daughter warm this year...there is a lot of snow in our area and it is really difficult to keep her from running to it every time we are outside! Any suggestions on how to balance the childhood joy of playing in the snow with keeping sufficiently warm???