Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Fools Joke..not cool

Hello darlings,

In the interest of full disclosure, I must state that I had pain this week. I actually had to call off of work on April 1st. The pains started as they normally did, twinges here and there, L1s, nothing major, and I ignored them, thinking it was a fluke and would just go away.

However it could not be denied and less than an hour later I was shivering under the blankets in L3 pain all over my body. I had to dig through several boxes to get to my pain medicine (it's been so long, I'd started misplacing them!). I took a Benadryl/Dilaudid mix, 2 Nicosan and some Motrin.

It was so wasn't the worst pain that I've ever had, but I haven't had pain in so long that I think I have totally forgotten how bad it could get and how to deal. I was shocked at first, and then rapidly unable to cope, crying and everything. So. Not. Pretty. It was so weird, almost surreal like it wasn't me in pain...after all, I was at 11 months pain free!


The good news is that once the pain meds kicked in (or maybe the Benadryl) I fell asleep and woke up hours later with localized pain in one leg only. That quickly dissipated throughout the course of the next day and by the 3rd I was right as rain, with only my track record tarnished. My body totally played an April Fools prank on me, breaking my 11 month pain free streak!

Looking on the bright side, it could have been alot worse. I could have been in the hospital in full blown crises mode getting pumped full of pints of blood and poked a bajillion times a day. Okay, that does put stuff in perspective. I've truly been blessed.

Hope everyone is enjoying this fine spring weather. And to those that have written in, I will be responding posthaste, I just have to wade through tons of correspondence at the moment.

Ciao everyone...hope you are all well.



oh my, I am so sorry you had a crisis, but am thankful you were able to manage the pain without a visit to the hospital.

Hope all is well.

SCDFunding said...

Hi Vixen,
It's me.
I am sorry to hear you had a crisis. Reading your blog, it sounds as if the severity was less than usual. We do need to carry on with that survey.
GLAD to hear you are back on your feet.
Look on the bright side, one crisis per year is bad, but 2, 3 4 or more is not something you would wish on anyone.
LOL girl! Hang on!

Anonymous said...

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sex is a bitch though, no stamina, ha!ha!ha!