Saturday, August 16, 2008

Excite Me...

I'm writing this from work, and in approximately 5 hours, my vacation starts! It's only 10 days long and so far the only thing I have penciled in is skydiving. Yep, you read right---SKYDIVING!
You're probably wondering why a sickle cell warrior as myself would want to skydive??? As my friend Rhea would say, "Why not?"

I've always wanted to skydive, ever since I was a kid. I saw my first skydiver when I was 8 and I've been a junkie ever since. Heights don't scare me, falling doesn't petrify me and dying doesn't give me shivers. Come on---after living and dying several times with sickle cell, nothing can be as scary as that. Trust. I think I'm a prime example of the type of person that should skydive. I want to do it because I can. Because out of a life of mediocrity, I crave something exciting. I'm always doing the 'right' thing and this experience is going to be Vixen doing bad all by herself.

None of my friends presently are up for it. And Norio---he's definitely against it, actually using words like 'forbid'. Ha! As if. I think I will just go by myself this week and be back in a flash with the pix and video to prove it.

So skydiving this week. Who wants to come?


April said...

Hi Sickle Cell Warrior,
I just came across your blog today and I must say that it is refreshing and encouraging to see a young woman, like yourself, pushing through the pain. I too have Sickle Cell Anemia and I have been a RN for almost 5 years now, I earned my BSN just last year and I am starting my MSN online program next month. Just keep your head up and continue trusting in the Lord and great things will continue to come your way. Best of luck to you and your nursing career.

Vixen said...

Hey April! It's so nice to hear from another nurse:) What specialty do you work in? Presently, I'm in the CCU, and I've been nursing for about 7 years. It's the best career ever! I'm in school too...doing the UOP thing. Please stay in touch and keep fighting!

April said...

Hi again,
I am currently on a telemetry unit, but I just had an interview today for the OR. I know you probably think I am crazy to work there, especially with the temperature being as cold as it is, but I loved OR in nursing school and I want to take a chance. You are right: nursing is the best career. There is so much you can do in nursing that I did not realize until going to nursing school! Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog. I can so relate! Take care!